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ADLware Quickbooks Integration

ADLware integrates with a number of Payroll services including Coastal Software, Paychoice, and actively working with ADP and others to provide our customers with additional payroll options. ADLware partners provide Payroll (Direct Deposit, Pay Cards, Paper Checks) and some offer Billing Services (EFT, Merchant Services, email invoicing, Online Payments) as well as a full accounting of all payroll and billing into your copy of Quickbooks.


ADLware is a authorized reseller and development partner of Intuit, the parent company of Quickbooks. We understand that the HomeCare industry has very specific payroll needs and expenses that need to be tracked and reimbursed. ADlware integration transmits all of the time-card data to the time card screens in Quickbooks. From Here Quickbooks provides a number of ther own Payroll partners including Quickbooks Payroll assist and full Payroll processing. ADP & Paychecks also provide a payroll solution from within your Quickbooks.

Coastal Software:
ADLware has a very deep web service integration with Coastal Software / Payroll managers. ADLware Payroll IntegrationThis integration replaces the need for the Quickbooks integration and Coastal integrates your data to Quickbooks for billing, hosts your Quickbooks file in the cloud, and manages your Payroll, direct deposit, etc. This si all manged via real-time transactions with no need for file downloads or imports.

ADLware Paychoice IntegrationThe Paychoice integration is very similar and leverages the same integration as your Quickbooks file. In this model you import your billing into Quickbooks but the Payroll/ Time-card data is securely transferred automatically to Paychoice where the process the fiels and prepare your payroll for review and processing.

Additional Payroll and Accounting System integrations are available upon request. ADlware is a platform with limitless possibilities. Need something special? Just ask. We are happy to review your requirement and accommodate your accounting needs.




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