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Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance SoftwareADLware HomeCare Software allows you to easily generate the documentation needed for reimbursement from Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) companies. Long Term Care insurance can be a great part of any Home Care or Private Duty Agency. Accepting the Assignment of Benefit places your agency in a long term position to keep the business for the length of the term. ADLware provides the information you and your families need to receive the LTC reimbursement.

Long Term Care Insurance:
Companies that have worked with Long Term Care Insurance know the difficulty in getting payment and the length of the time needed to carry the payroll before the first payments start to come in. Sixty days is an easy number if everything goes well. Any small error can lead this 60 days to expand to 90 and even 120. This kind of cash flow impact can be crippling to business small and large. As a result most Home Care Agencies do not accept LTC or leave the reimbursement the hands of the families.

Differentiate your business by accepting LTC polocies even get the assignment of benefit.  ADLware will help you build the shift log and reference data needed for easily reporting and submit to LTC and the tools to ensure you get your payments as quickly as possible. 

LTC is still a significant business decision but ADLware can help you ensure your paperwork is accurate and if you can carry the payroll this can be a part of your business where very few can compete.

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