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FamilyCARES Portal

Family Portal Home Care SoftwareADLware's HomeCare Software includes the FamilyCARES tm the Family Access Portal for the client and families.  Families can also invite doctors, care managers and more to have access and interact with each other and the your agency who is providing the care.

ADLware is built on the idea that information should be available, transparent and available to all. The Family access portal allows your company to communicate with all of those who the client has shared access.

Real-Time Shift logs allow families to review shift times, clock-ins, activities performed as well as download these reports for Long Term Care insurance reimbursement. Whether you have the assignment of benefit or the family, the portal allows the shift logs with the ADL history to be printed and sent to Long Term Care Insurance companies for reimbursement.

Use the FamilyCARES portal as a way to connect with your referral sources. Doctors, Case Managers, Trust Officers, Long-Term-Care Insurance Companies can all have Multi-Client Access and will refer work to you as a result of the transparency, ease of use, and their ability to also interact in the care management of your shared client.


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